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Brad Cogar

A great line by Libertines: "The Arcadian dream has fallen through, but Albion sails on course." And you see all the ancient rain-soaked lands and people hardened and tough with their shoes caked with mud breathing out frozen breath moving. On. 

The Good Ship Albion

Thank  you  Brad.  I  take  it  you  read  my  Good  Ship  Albion  poem  which  Pete  changed  a  little,  incorporating  lines  from another verse of  mine  too.

He hasn't credited me,  but  he  sings  my  name on  the  original  version  of  Albion.  I'm  teaching  in Thailand  at the  moment.  I sent Pete  a  bundle  of  stuff  when he  was only 17.  He's put it  to some  good  use.  However,  I  understand he's  being  sued  at  the moment  for  not  crediting  one  or two other  guys!!  Mark

Brad Cogar

I actually have not read it, nor did I know that the song is based on your (or anyone's!) poem.  I'd like to read it, where might I find it?  It is pretty interesting how people influence other people, for that song influenced me, and you influenced that song. It's kind of cool I'm writing to someone who inspired one of my fave bands!  Have a great New Year!


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